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by Nicole Elliot

Smudging, Clearing & Crystals, Life Paths, Guides, Ghosts & More

Intuitive Medium Services

About Nicole.


Nicole Elliot was born and raised in Platteville, Wi. She was raised by a family who liked to believe in physical things. Things where afterlife and ghosts were just a figment of the imagination.

When she was 5 year old, her parents bought an old one room schoolhouse to remodel and live in. This is when things started to surface for Nicole. After nearly losing her young brother to a stroke in 1994, her guides and angels stepped in and started to show themselves regularly. Through a series of tragic events that followed, she learned to confide and lean on the “shadow people ''as a support system.  She knew the support was real and that she needed this in her life. It was not her imagination.

After graduating college with her bachelors degree, she decided to research the family. She is Native American with intense roots to Northern Wisconsin. This has been determined to be a strong link to the gifts received. This particular side of the family has since been a fantastic resource to tuning in and learning how to develop her intuition and ability to tap into her sixth sense.


Intro To Services


Relax your mind and release any negative energy.  A person can prosper most when they have a clear head.  Most services can be done via Skype, telephone or in person. You are more than welcome to bring a recording device or note pad.

One person is allowed per reading.  The method used can be discussed when we schedule your service.  If you are interested in a group message, then please feel free to contact me.

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○ Evolve your dreams  ○
○Understand your life path ○

○ Know your loved ones are well ○
○ Believe in extraordinary ○
○ Create your future ○
○Heal misconceptions ○


If you are moving, selling, remodeling, or just experiencing a feeling of sadness or spirits in a space, you may want to consider a visit from Nicole to clear the property. This can increase success and profitability, remove any bad energy and intention, as well as provide protection from negative spirits and forces.


This service provides a one on one spirit guide driven reading. Many people experience passed loved ones coming forward during this time.  In several occasions, the spirit may deliver messages to help them on their individual life path. 

Coming Soon!

Energy balancing with the use of crystals provides an enhanced healing process. Laying stones aids in releasing any etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks.

Tarot readings are intended to provide an individual with resources to make informed decisions. Since your life path can change in the blink of an eye, this provides you insight from your subconscious on how to continue.


“Pure clean energy. Normally when I open up for reading I am drained. Not this time. Would do it again. Thank you for your insight.”

— Brandon

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